YE - Bulgaria (ERASMUS+)


After a while, here I am. Again.
This time I decided to write in English so it would be easier to share this with my new friends from all over the world.
By recommendation  of a friend, I decided to apply for a 8 days youth exchange in Bulgaria. I didn't even knew what to expect but my only thought was "Why not? It's a new experience.". After a while I saw a email saying that i was accepted on the project and on the 8th of May I went to the Airport without knowing anyone and with no expectations - just a little bit anxious - and that's when my journey started. I've met my Portuguese team and everyone was so nice, immediately we became friends and everything started to flow.
The trip to Bulgaria was longgg... but amazing at the same time. The first flight was to Barcelona and I had the chance to re-visit my favorite city ever.  At the end of the afternoon we flown to Bucharest (Romania). We were sooo tired and there was still one more travel from Bucharest to Bulgaria (Ruse). After some hours we arrived (around 2 am) and we were so tired and didn't know what to expect.
On the next day, after we wake up, we were feeling so tired and we just wanted to sleep but we went for breakfast. That's when everything started - everyone was so nice!
From energizers to different games, workshops and dances we got to know each other and started to get close since day 1. Everyone was so special in their own way, so lovely and soooo crazy (in a awesome way, of course).
The days started to went by so fast and we started to make a lot of friend, to share knowledge, cultures, languages and craziness,
The main theme of this project was the European Union and Media. We had the chance to discuss between us some challenges of the EU, some discrepancies between our countries (even tho we are part of the same community) and some measures. Also, we created some projects in 3 different formats: Video, Radio and Newspaper  - Was so fun and we've learned so much.
We spent our first days in a lovely eco village were we had time for everything - to learn, to talk, to play, to dance, to party. A lot of memories were made on this first place and was so special for everybody! The last 3 days we had the chance to move to the city and got to know a little more of Bulgaria. As the days went by, we got closer and closer - So many different people, so many different places, so many languages! We had the chance to share so much... Share happiness, share a little bit of our own culture, of our own music, our own personalities.
And after 7 days of so much knowledge and friendship the last day arrived and was so hard to say goodbye! It's overwhelming to think that in more than 40 people there was not one that I didnt like.  Everyone was so special, so lovely, so bubbly.
Now I'm home again, feeling so happy because I had this opportunity but so sad at the same time because nothing will ever be the same. The only thing left is the memories of all of you - All the song we sang together, all the dance moves, all the knowledge, all the words you taught me.
Thank you guys, I'm sure we will meet again soon.
And remember: има значение кой си ! (it matters who you are)
I highly recommend  everyone to try a project like this, I can't promise it will be the same as mine (because mine will always be the best for me :p) but I'm sure it will always be an amazing experience.

And for every friend I made on this project:
I love you!
обичам !
αγαπώ !
ti amo!
te iubesc !
te amo !


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